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Get a discount and save yourself some trouble by getting your favorite climbing chalk automatically shipped to you every month, with FREE Shipping & Handling! Cancel easily anytime, no strings attached.

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Super Chunky

Our chunkiest blend, for the thick-grip aficionado. 

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The People’s Champ. Hit the hold like it owes you money.

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The stickiest of the icky. This magical blend is what dreams are made of.

Can’t Pick a Blend?

Find your perfect blend by trying all three! Order a sample pack and we will send you three 1 oz bags of each blend to try.

Quality is King

Purity matters, especially when it touches your skin. Climbing's tough – don’t make it worse with low quality chemicals and cutting agents. Our blends are laboratory-grade magnesium carbonate, pure and simple. You’ll know the difference as soon as it touches your fingers.

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Specialty Blends, Shipped Monthly

There's a lot of chalk out there, but it's all the same. We've created three blends suited to different needs and conditions, so whether it's a humid summer day, a sweaty gym, or perfect temps, you'll be ready to send. And a monthly subscription means the next pack will be at your door right when you start running low.

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Our chalk and your hands are meant to be. But if you aren’t feeling the magic, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time, with no strings attached.

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