Frictile Disfunction is a serious condition.

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Stop Frictile Dysfunction

If you suffer from frictile dysfunction and are ready for the cure look no further.  FrictionLabs chalk is engineered for peak performance.  Our purification process removes heavy metals and other impurities leaving you with more of the good stuff, magnesium carbonate. 

Stop chalking up mid route and slipping off sweaty summer crimps and slopers.  Stop abusing your hands and lungs with the artificial drying agents used in other chalks.

Start climbing stronger with FrictionLabs chalk.
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"This chalk is awesome...I realized I had to chalk up way less, and my hands never felt greasy or wet.”
Andrew Bisharat
Evening Sends
"FrictionLabs won me over...Honestly I didn't think I would see this much of a difference. My hands stay dryer, longer. Period."
Alex Johnson
Professional Climber
“I’ve come to the conclusion that not all chalk is made equal. Climbing chalk, like cocaine, is most powerful when pure.”
Hayden Carpenter
Rock and Ice Magazine
"I am in fact very picky about my chalk, and can rarely say I actually think a brand of chalk stands out above others, but your chalk, well, it is in a league of its own! I am very impressed!”
Dave Graham
Professional Climber
“This is the first chalk I’ve used that was noticeably different than other brands--my hands were drier and I wasn’t rechalking nearly as much.”
2015 Gear Guide
Climbing Magazine
“...this is the best chalk the industry has to offer!”
Alex Puccio
Professional Climber