"Noticeable Difference. I started on FrictionLabs Unicorn dust. When I ran out I just used some block chalk I had laying around from a friend. With the block chalk I felt like I was constantly refilling my chalk bag and it didn't feel great on my hands. I finally broke down and ordered another bag of FrictionLabs chalk. This stuff is amazing and I will never go back. It just feels cleaner and lasts longer."

Izabella, FrictionLabs Customer


Unicorn Dust

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Made in USA
No Drying Agents
No Additives
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
100% Vegan
Unicorn Dust

Available in three formulas—Unicorn Dust (fine), Gorilla Grip (chunky) and Bam Bam (super chunky)—our high performance loose chalk was engineered to give you unparalleled grip with fewer applications.




    Available in three formulas—Unicorn Dust (fine), Gorilla Grip (chunky) and Bam Bam (super chunky)—our high performance loose chalk was engineered to give you unparalleled grip with fewer applications.

      Your potential is in your hands.

      We have the most fun when we’re consistently performing at our best. Originally developed to meet the demands of rock climbers, FrictionLabs chalk products are used and trusted by top athletes in all sports that require dependable, long-lasting grip.

      This isn’t the generic chalk from China you’re used to using. Stripped of all unnecessary fillers and responsibly refined in Denver, Colorado, FrictionLabs high purity magnesium carbonate provides unrivaled moisture absorption in a single application and is great for all skin types.

      Since 2013, we’ve helped thousands of athletes find a chalk they can rely on for every move.

      Better performance = more fun.

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      Gorilla Grip chalk

      I got this as a gift for my brother after seeing all the other good reviews so, I’ll have to see how he likes it. But I’m pretty sure he’ll be stoked to see such a high quality gift heheh. 😌😁 The packaging was nice and it seems like he will put it to good use since he rock climbs a lot. It did seem like this particular chalk is on the chunky side, which is what it’s made to be, so it’ll be good choice if you prefer that over really fine or really chunky chalk. The bag also seems pretty full so you’re getting what you paid for. Overall it’s a pretty nice gift idea for rock climbing friends or family members! Would totally recommend.

      Christopher G.
      I'm Stuck on Gorilla Grip!

      When a friend of mine first introduced me to Friction Lab's climbing chalk and told me that he had spent over $20 for a 10oz bag I thought he had fallen for the greatest advertisement ploy since bottled water. I mean, what could possibly make this chalk so special...chalk is chalk...right?


      I tapped a bit of this magical powder into my chalk bag and had at go at a route I had been working on for several days and figured if I was going to feel any difference in grip, it would be at the sloping crux of this steep nemesis that had successfully spit me off my last three attempts.

      I clipped the fourth bolt, took a deep breath and dipped into the bag of hope and had a go. To my surprise, the hand stuck! I matched dipped again...slapped my hand on my pant leg and moved through the next sequence with relative ease. Did the chalk make the difference? Did the stars simply align that day?... I'm not sure, but what I do know is that I have not used another brand of chalk since that day!

      A Miracle in a bag?...maybe not, but a great product that delivers?....Absolutely!!!

      Caleb K.

      Five star if UPS doesn’t charge me an arm an a laag.

      Matthew S.
      Chalky no chossy

      Gripssss and keeps mittens dry.

      Michael R.
      Damn Good Chalk