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A Perfect Match

When we were first starting FrictionLabs, we got in touch with TrainingBeta founder Neely Quinn. We sent her some samples of our chalk and then received an awesome note back from her.

In her perpetual quest to create and collect the most cutting edge training information available for rock climbers, Neely wanted to share our chalk with all of you, so we decided to make a special offer to the TrainingBeta family.

“You sent me some chalk last year when I wasn't climbing due to my shoulder injury. I had surgery in November and started climbing again recently and was finally able to use the chalk. And then I ran out. And then I realized how fucking awesome your chalk is! Great work - the other stuff sucks and I'm a convert. I just ordered another sample pack so I can figure out which one I like the most.”

- Neely Quinn, TrainingBeta founder

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