Secret Stuff (Liquid Chalk)

Indoor or outdoor, hot or dry, normal or sensitive skin...we've got the LIQUID CHALK solution for you! Choose from our original isopropyl alcohol based Secret Stuff or Alcohol Free Secret Stuff. 

  • Original blend Secret Stuff is an 45% isopropyl alcohol based liquid chalk perfect for any training environment. 
  • Alcohol Free Secret Stuff is a gel based liquid chalk engineered for more arid conditions and sensitive skin. 
  • Either are perfect for indoor use!
  • Liquid chalk = less chalk dust and less mess.

Use Secret Stuff as a total chalk replacement or as a mid-session refresher. 

"It’s the best chalk to use. It always stays on longer and really sticks to my skin." - Kyram A.
"The stuff gives me the right grip during my kettlebell snatch workouts. Easy on and less mess..." - Adam V.

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