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Try it and experience the difference! Try one of each blend to find your favorite! Each individual bag is 1oz of chalk, which should last you a good while.

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There are a lot of opinions about our chalk and we want to invite you to try it for yourself. Use it for a few sessions and then go back to your old chalk. See what works better for you so you can make an informed decision about your gear.

Our only ask is this: Use as little of our chalk as you possibly can.

We're serious about this. The most common feedback we get from our customers is that they find themselves chalking up way less often when using our chalk. So when you're trying our chalk, before you go back to the bag to re-chalk out of habit, take a look at your fingers and see if it's really necessary. Our chalk is like a car that gets higher MPGs - a little will go a long way.

If you're skeptical, do a quick search online for FrictionLabs reviews. We've never paid for a review or endorsement.

Try it for yourself. We can't wait to hear what you think.

What’s different about FrictionLabs chalk?

Frequently Asked Quesions

Who is FrictionLabs?
We are a group of athletes and scientists who realized that all the chalk out there was just awful - both for performance and for health. As we tested and developed our products, the reaction we got when people tried it was amazing, so we decided to start a business around the idea that Chalk Matters. We’re committed to doing everything we can to bring peak performance to every athlete who benefits from better grip.
Isn’t all chalk the same?
All chalk brands claim to be 100% Magnesium Carbonate. When you run the tests though, the truth is that they all have significant amounts of impurities, drying agents, heavy metals, and other fillers. We’re the first to admit that our chalk isn’t 100% pure; it would be extremely expensive and impractical to make. But our chalk is by far the purest out there, meaning it will last longer, dry your hands better, and keep your lungs and skin healthier than anything else you've been using.
Why does it cost more?
Our chalk goes through a proprietary process to remove unhealthy fillers common in other brands of chalk. Most climbers report re-chalking about half as often when using FrictionLabs since it lasts so much longer.
Is FrictionLabs a specialty product meant only for elite athletes?
Is organic food only for Olympians? This is the best, safest, and healthiest chalk on the market, making it the responsible choice for every person's health and performance. FrictionLabs chalk is the sensible standard, and thankfully more and more athletes of all experience levels are making the change every day.

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“I have never felt a chalk that stays on my hands so long and keeps my hands as dry as FrictionLabs does.”
"Before FrictionLabs I really didn't notice the difference in chalks but FrictionLabs chalk works like magic from the moment you put it on, touch the rock, and clip the chains."
“When you put so much time and effort into climbing it is good to know you have the best chalk on the market. Trying to climb hard with bad chalk is like racing a car with worn out tires, no fun! Thanks to FrictionLabs for no more surprises and for helping me feel glued to that asphalt!”
“I've got the genetic curse of sweaty hands, which has nearly been the demise of my climbing. I've battled with this ailment for years but then finally found FrictionLabs. This stuff has drastically changed my comfort and success in climbing."
“These guys make the best chalk in the game hands down. If you haven't tried their chalk, you're missing out.”
FrictionLabs proves that you don’t need to be a big company to make a huge difference in the industry. FrictionLabs chalk will definitely change the relationship between your hands and the surface you’re clinging to. Just try it out for yourself.