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Secret Stuff Pole Kit
98 reviews

Healthy skin
Long-lasting grip
Pure, clean ingredients
This fresh countertop display ships with 12 tubes of Secret Stuff and sits easily on any small flat surface. Sets up in about 5 seconds and is perfect whether you're looking to retail Secret Stuff to your dancers or make it available at a station in your studio.
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FrictionLabs is the new standard in high performance hand chalk. We deliver the purest, longest-lasting Magnesium Carbonate chalk anywhere. Responsibly produced in the USA, FrictionLabs chalk lasts 3x longer than generic chalk with less mess, all while keeping your skin healthy and strong with the highest purity ingredients. We've helped tens of thousands of dancers finally find a chalk they love and can count on time after time. #chalkmatters
Secret Stuff is a no-mess chalk cream aka liquid chalk perfect for any athlete in need of a better grip.
What is Secret Stuff? Try a nickle-sized amount on your hands, rub them together, and watch the Secret reveal itself. It delivers chalk deep into the texture of your hands—while naturally disinfecting the skin.
A single bottle will last over 100 uses, so get some on your hands and experience what more you can do with the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate.
"This gives me a glove of chalk that stays on forever" - Adie Nicole, Competitive Pole Dancer