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Ninja Retail Starter Kit
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Free-standing. Sturdy. Lightweight. Customized for Ninja.

We are proud to offer this retail-store-in-a-box to give you the perfect way to easily carry products for ninjas who want to perform better. This display comes stocked with FrictionLabs premium grip and hand care products used by ninjas like Meagan Martin, Ian Dory, Rachael Goldstein, Trevor West, and Kaden Lebsack

FrictionLabs Athlete Meagan Martin

"My hands no longer feel like they are slipping...this stuff really works!"
- FrictionLabs Athlete Meagan Martin


FrictionLabs makes the best performing, longest lasting, healthiest chalk for ninjas.

Product Information

10oz and 5oz bags of Loose Chalk

High Performance Chalk

    • We responsibly refine and texturize our chalk in Denver, Colorado, wiping out fillers and artificial drying agents common in generic chalk from China. Our chalk is designed for the extreme demands of rock climbers and has become the choice of top athletes in all grip-dependent sports, including Ninja Warrior.
    • 3 distinct textures
      • Unicorn Dust: Fine powder chalk with small chunks.
      • Gorilla Grip: Medium Chunky chalk with some powder.
      • Bam Bam: Super Chunky chalk with some powder (closest to gym chalk block).
Secret Stuff Chalk Cream
Secret Stuff
    • Antibacterial liquid chalk that serves as a base layer and mid-session refresher.
    • Rub a small amount on your hands, let dry, and a perfect layer of the highest purity Magnesium Carbonate magically appears.
Climbskin Hand Repair Cream
Climbskin Hand Repair
    • Unlike other balms, you apply Climbskin 1-2 hours prior to activity. This hydrates your skin, preventing splits and reducing sweating. After activity, wash your hands and apply again to hydrate your skin. The unique combination of essential oils regenerate your skin, leaving you ready to go day after day.
    • The skin absorption and penetration of Climbskin is much higher than wax-based products, so there is deeper hydration, better skin regeneration, and less residue. Wax-based products sit on the surface of your hand and trap the moisture, which can actually slow down healing wounds and cracks. Climbskin is more readily absorbed and deeply hydrates your tissue using the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature.
    • Climbskin contains no artificial colors or perfumes. The entire manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and cruelty free (not tested on animals).
Chalk Bucket
The NEW, NEW FL Chalk BucketThe NEW, NEW FL Chalk Bucket
    • A convenient and stylish way to carry chalk around the gym without making a mess.
    • Super tough outer nylon shell is water-resistant and stands up to abrasion & abuse in the gym for years to come.
    • Stiff rim keeps the top open when you need it - for big hands and small. Velcro rim closure gives you a quick seal to avoid spills when kicked or knocked over. Roll down top clips to give you a spill-proof seal & prevent the dreaded chalk spill.
    • One of each colorway included: Camo, Black, Aqua, Royal Blue

Designed specifically for Ninja training gyms, this display sets up in seconds, looks great in your shop with a minimal footprint, and helps educate ninjas on the value of FrictionLabs products. It comes stocked with our complete chalk and hand care line and is backed by our full money-back guarantee so you don't sit on unsold products.

Ninja Retail Starter Kit

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