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Climbing Chalk + FREE Sticker Sheet!

Climbing Chalk + FREE Sticker Sheet!

Level up with a medium bag of Gorilla Grip and a 100% FREE set of the famous FrictionLabs character stickers!

Level up with a medium bag of Gorilla Grip and a 100% FREE set of the famous FrictionLabs character stickers!


Designed to help you consistently perform at your limit, FrictionLabs chalk was originally designed to meet the demands of rock climbers. Now, after leading the industry for almost 10 years, our family of chalk products are used and trusted by top athletes in all sports that demand dependable, long lasting grip.

This is not the same old generic chalk from China that you're used to. Responsibly refined in Denver, CO USA and stripped of all unnecessary fillers, FrictionLabs chalk gives you unrivaled moisture absorption and skin health. Like a high performance climbing shoe, our high purity Magnesium Carbonate makes a single application far more efficient, giving you the extra edge to focus on sending not slipping.

We believe that #chalkmatters, and we've helped thousands of athletes, from new climbers to FrictionLabs Pros finally find a chalk they can rely on, on every move. Never chalk up mid-crux again!


Customer Reviews

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Mitchell T.
Love the stuff, it's all I climb with

Before using Friction Labs chalk, I was chalking my hands every boulder I did. Even then, I would notice that it would be gone before I finished that climb. With Friction Labs, I don't chalk up every time and it lasts throughout the route. I would recommend you give it a try and see if you notice a difference like me.

Unicorn dust

Love this stuff. Never going back to another chalk brand again

Michelle B.
Very strong chalk

Great quality

Patty D.
Newer climber, but others don’t compare

The first powder chalk I used was Unicorn Dust, and I had no metric for its quality at the time. Since that time I have tried two other chalks that by fairly big named companies, and would have to say that they should stick to making crash pads and general outdoor gear.
THIS IS THE SHIT you want.
If you want your hands to not feel grimey as you hold onto rocks, REAL rocks, you want FL chalk.
If you want a companion to run your fingers through as you anxiously stand around in the gym, you want FL chalk.
If you want to make the guys love you, and the girls want to be you, you want FL chalk.

But don’t take it from me, put it in your chalk bag and use it for a month, then try your Metolius or BD chalk and tell me it’s all the same.

Oh…you don’t notice a difference?

Anyway, I like this chalk, and really don’t want anything else on my hands ever again.

Ian G.

Worth it for the best.