Chalk Stopper Chalk Bag
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"The NextGen of Chalk Bags."

Introducing the Chalk Stopper... the first ever self-sealing chalk bag. 

  • Magnetically self-sealing upper closure
  • Traditional drawstring lower closure
  • Reduces chalk dust emissions by 80%
  • Prevents unwanted spills 
  • Designed in France for climbers by climbers
  • Tested and approved by the FrictionLabs Athlete Team

Includes stuff sack for super clean storage. Limited inventory, order now!

We've all been there... Lowering from a windy route, jumping off a gym boulder, setting our chalk bag aside between burns—only to look down and watch, in slow motion, our bag tip and spill 5 ounces of precious Unicorn Dust into the dirt, gym floor, or thin air.

What if there was a way to seal a chalk bag in a way that reduces chalk dust emissions and prevents unwanted spills without even touching it? 

As it turns out, there is! After a bit of rigorous testing with the FrictionLabs athlete team, we are psyched to announce an exclusive partnership with YY Vertical and introduce the revolutionary Chalk Stopper to climbers in the USA and Canada!