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Chalk Bag + Bucket + Free Chalk + Free Shipping!
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Get the best of both worlds and save! An all purpose bag to strap around your waist and a convenient chalk bucket for those times when you need more chalk. Plus, a big 10oz bag of free chalk to get started!

We teamed up with some amazing sewers to bring you limited run Chalk Bags & Buckets in unique colors. These are the highest quality chalk bags & buckets with a FrictionLabs twist: every one has a different fabric pattern and comes with a FrictionLabs Patch already sewn on by incredibly skilled crafts- men and women at ORGANIC Climbing in Pennsylvania.

They are made from super tough 1000d nylon with customized color schemes.

The chalk bag has a stiff ring to make it super easy to chalk up. Inside of the burly nylon shell is a polyester fleece lining (it feels awesome!) with a drawstring cinch to keep your chalk where it belongs, even when you're not using it. The nylon belt is included with the bag, along with an elastic hook for brush storage.

The chalk bucket rolls down and seals like a boaters dry bag when not in use. The mouth of the buckets are also lined with velcro for quick and easy closure between problems. There are elastic hooks for brush storage and a zippered pocket on the back for whatever else you have in your kit (big enough to fit an iPhone 6/7+).

These sell out fast, so if you like one, snag it!